Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas To Make Your Baby Shower Memorable

Celebrating the arrival of a baby is a great way for friends and families to get together. Although a bit apprehensive, your baby shower could also be fun at the same time! Here are some FUN and SAFE baby shower game ideas to make it more memorable!

Baby Shower Fun Games

Bobbing for Pacifiers.

baby Shower Fun Games
Instead of bobbing for apples why not some pacifiers? For this game you will get a large plastic tub and 10 to 15 pcs of pacifiers. Fill the tub with water and place the pacifiers. Let the guests bob for pacifiers with their hands behind their back. You can have the pacifiers numbered along with a corresponding numbered prize. 

Don't Say Baby

baby Shower Fun Games

For this game you will need a lot of clothespins! When your guests arrive, pin 5 clothespins onto them and instruct them not to say the word "baby". Have them keep their eyes and ears open for someone who said the word. For every "Baby" word spoken, they get to take away one of that person's clothespins. The person with the most clothespin is the winner.

Diaper Change Relay

Baby Shower Fun Games

This game is a classic! Your guests' diaper changing skill will be put to the test! Assemble your guests into teams of two of the same number. Each team should have a baby doll wearing a diaper and wrapped in a receiving blanket. After giving the go signal, the first team member in line changes the diaper, removing the receiving blanket, wiping the baby doll's bottom with a baby wipe, putting another "clean" diaper and re wrapping the doll in the receiving blanket. The doll is then handed to the next team member in line. If you want to add a bit of a twist you can have the team member blindfolded whilst he or she changes the diaper. The team to finish changing the baby doll's diaper first is the winner.

Balloon Baby Twister

Baby Shower Fun Games

This is a game of Twister with a twist! Have your participating guests blow up at least three small balloons and put it under his or her shirt to make the "Baby" and have them play the game of Twister! You can give away prizes for the guest with the most balloons carried under the shirt and the least number of popped or dropped balloons! Don't forget to take pictures!

Baby Name Maker

Baby Shower Fun Games

This game is perfect if you and your partner doesn't have a name for your baby yet. For this game, you will need a pen and paper for your guests with you and your partner's name written on it. Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and see how many names your guests can come up using only the letters of you and your partner's name. After the game you will surely have lots of options and some unique combinations for your baby's name.

What's in the box?

Baby Shower Fun Games

For this guessing game, you will need a guessing box or a touch and feel which you can easily make. For this game, you can divide your guests in two teams and place a baby item inside the box. Have all the members of each team guess what's in the box. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins.

Diaper Toss!

Baby Shower Fun Games

This fun game is a skill that every soon-to-be parents should master because one can't simply walk all the way to the trash bin to toss away dirty nappies in the middle of the night while half awake. For this game all you need is a trash bin, a clean one preferably, and some diapers minus the poo and the pee. You could either divide your guests in two teams or you could give out prizes to whoever gets to toss the diaper straight into the trash bin. 

Tinkle in the pot.

Baby Shower Fun Games

Let your guests feel what it's like to be pregnant with this game! For this relay game, divide your guests in two teams, blow up a large balloon for each team and ping pong balls between their knees to waddle over to the jars and drop them in. If the team member drops the ping pong ball halfway towards the jar then he or she would have to start over. The team who gets to finish the relay first wins.

Guess the baby food

Baby Shower Fun Games

For this game, you will need different jars or baby food including the real stinker like spinach or the pureed chicken and vegetable. Cover the label of the jars so your guests won't know what they'll be tasting. The person who can guess the baby food correctly wins.

Guess that poo!

Baby Shower Fun Games

This one is a bit nasty but fun, and did we mention sweet? Melt different chocolate bars and (caramel, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate etc.) and place them into the diaper and have your guests guessing which is which!

These fun games are meant to bring out some fun in your baby shower celebration but most importantly it gives the parents-to-be especially, the support that they need as they begin this wild parental journey. 

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