15 Top Tips for Planning a Children's Birthday Party

Some parents get super excited about throwing a children's birthday party, whilst others dread the thought and just want to make it as easy as possible.

These days life is busy; juggling children, work, household duties, pets, finances and the never ending to-do list to stay organised, so adding a children's birthday party into the mix may seem daunting. Not only that but you have the added pressure of wanting to give your child the best birthday party ever! 

Here are 15 top tips for parents throwing a kids birthday party!

1. Sit down with your child to discuss what they have in mind

With all the time, effort and money that goes into a kids birthday party, you want to make sure it is all worth it. You might think you know the kind of party they picture but chances are you may not get it right. Trends change all the time and children are always in competition with their peers, they are up to date on the latest party themes and venues so make sure you get their opinion to have the best chance in making their special day the best!

2. Set a budget

Childrens birthday parties can become extremely expensive and before you know it you have spent 100s. Be sure to set a budget from the start to make sure you don't get yourself into a rut, once you start planning and getting your little one excited, you wont want to let them down.

3. Set a date

Setting a date is very important but most of all you want to have a think about when the guests will be free i.e. the weekday might be hard for working parents or the holidays might be difficult if lots of children are away on holiday. Thinking of the most suitable date will avoid any disappointment where your childs' friends may not be able to make it.

4. Set a time

Working out how long a children's birthday party should go on for can be challenging. For us adults time goes super fast but for children it goes way slower... so you need to bear in mind that the children need to be entertained throughout the party to avoid any bored children. It is also best to break the party down as kids don't stay focused on any one thing for too long.

Depending on the children's age range will depend on the length of the party, but a rough guide is around 2 hours before they get touchy. Parties can also be exhausting for children with all the entertainment and sugary foods so bare that in mind.

5. Build a guest list

The guest list usually starts from the budget/theme, for example if you are planning a swimming party then chances are there is a limit to the amount of children that can go so before you build a guest list, be sure to have figured out where the party will take place. 

As well as that, you will need figure out if you want parents to stay or just drop their child off. You will want to let the parent know beforehand so that you don't end up with as many adults as you have children if you were not expecting that.

6. Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme comes hand-in-hand with the party venue so you will need to think about both of these. For instance if your child wants a princess party but wants to host their party in a swimming pool, this wouldn't work so they would need to choose something that fits. For instance, a princess disco party could work well.

Here are some theme ideas:

  • Princesses
  • Superheroes
  • Fairy
  • Princess and Superhero 
  • Pirate
  • Mermaid
  • Pirate and Mermaid
  • Disney

Here are some venue ideas:

  • Pottery Making
  • Trampoline Party
  • Swimming Party
  • Soft Play Centres
  • Cinema
  • Ice Skating

7. Order Party Invitations

Once you have chosen the party theme, you may want to find matching party invitations. You can buy different types of invitations such as handwritten or printed personalised invites. Check out these printed personalised Childrens Invitations to help you.

You can also purchase digital invitations if your wanting to simply send over a digital file to the parents. 

8. Decide on Party Food

You don't have to provide party food but sometimes it it nice to break the party up and give all the children that wind down time to actually focus more on each other. Have a think about what works for you, you could get caterers in, make your own finger food or cook them a sit down meal.

Always bare in mind that children may have allergies and ask the parents beforehand whether their child is allergic to anything or has any special requirements.

9. Organise Entertainment

Entertainment may come in the package of the venue you have booked, for instance if you have booked a swimming or trampoline party then you don't need to worry about entertainment as its all included. If you are having a different kind of party such as a disco party, you will need to hire a DJ or entertainer.

There are many companies who provide packages so shop around and find what works for you.

10. Party Bags

These days party bags could be anything, some children prefer to go for old school party bags with lots of fun goodies but others like to give their party guests themed gifts such as sweets or pamper party bags.

Shop around online as there are many companies who supply pre-filled party bags which saves time in making them. There are also lots of great fillers to choose from if you do want to build your own.

11. Decorations

Have a think about the kind of decorations your child will like, balloons are a big one as not only do these make a room look like a party but children especially young children love to play with them.

There are lots of companies online who sell some great decoration sets so make sure you shop around.

12. Photography

After all the effort of organising your child's birthday party, you want to make sure you have the photos to remember it by. Some like to hire a photographer but this can be pricey whilst others might just delegate the photography to a friend or family member so that you can still enjoy the special day.

Always be sure to ask permission of the parents before taking any photos of their children especially if sharing on Social Media.

13. The Cake

One of the most important things of the day, the cake! Kids are made to feel special when their friends and family sing happy birthday just for them plus a great cake just tops it off! Some parents like to get stuck in and make a cake for their little one whilst others feel it will be more convenient to buy one. There are some great cake makers out there who make some outstanding cakes or you can simply buy one from your local supermarket.

14. Gifts

Gifts shouldn't be expected but many children love giving presents to their friends. Before the party begins its a great idea to decide whether your child will open their presents at the party in front of their friends or after once they have all gone home. Opening presents can be time consuming so make sure you factor this into the party schedule.

15. Thank You Notes

Lastly, Thank You Notes are a must after the party. It's a lovely gesture to say thank you for both coming to the party and for any gifts given. You can either hand write them or buy personalised thank you cards online. Check out these Childrens Thank You Notes to help you.

Digital Thank You Notes are also available for those who wish to send a digital card.

That's it for the top tips on planning a child's birthday party, we hope this is helped you on your journey to becoming a great kids party organiser :)

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