Top Tips: How To Prepare for Christmas



Christmas season is almost around the corner and it pays to be prepared! As much as we love the blinking lights, falling snow and putting up a Christmas tree. Christmas season is actually deemed to be one of the most stressful time of the year. But that doesn't have to be the case. With thorough preparation and careful planning you can enjoy the holiday season while keeping your sanity intact. 

The list we have created below will, in a way, help you prepare for a stress free Christmas.

1.) Make a Schedule

Making a schedule for the holidays and keeping tabs on important events like corporate Christmas parties, your kids school play, friends and family who are visiting for the holiday or even Christmas shopping, keeps you organise. Fill up your calendar with these schedule so you won't have to miss a single event. Don't get overwhelmed with your schedule though. The more organise you are the better.

2.) Christmas Decorations

Nothing livens up the Christmas spirit than seeing Christmas decorations all around you and the sound of Christmas carols in the air. Christmas decorations are usually put up in late November or early December to coincide with the start of the advent but if you want to get into the holiday spirit as soon as Halloween is over then by all means deck the halls and put up the Christmas tree. 

3.) Decide on Who's Hosting 

If you are hosting this years Christmas then all the more reason that you have to prepare thoroughly. It's better if you, your friends or family can have a talk at least a month before the big day. You can talk about details such as the venue, if you want to have it at home or in a restaurant, who's coming, and when you can send out the invitations. 

4.) The Guest List

Christmas would be merrier with friends and family so make that guest list and check it twice to see who's coming or not. Also, find out if some of the guest are staying over so that you can arrange a place for them to stay. Check if you need to add extra toiletries, bed space and bedding for your guests.

5.) Work Out a Budget

Working out a budget prepares you wisely. Include everything from food, decorations, presents, invitations, Christmas shopping or outings if you are planning on spending the holiday out of town. Write down what you will need to spend on and where. That way, you can avoid unnecessary splurges on the big day. 

6.) Shop for Presents

Christmas shopping tip: watch out for sales! Remember that between Halloween and Christmas is Black Friday sales which gives you the perfect opportunity to stock up presents. A lot of people would take advantage of mall sales and that actually might be good especially if you don't really plan to go all out on holiday.  Getting started ahead with buying your presents makes you more organised and stress free. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for, colleagues, family, friends, your dog. If you are planning to buy presents online be sure to buy them ahead of time to avoid delivery problems.

7.) Send Out Invites, Presents and Greeting Cards Early

Everyone knows how manic the post office can be during Christmas so it might be ideal if you can send those Christmas presents and parcels as well as invites and greeting cards early. Inform your friends or family that they would be receiving that they would be receiving their presents early and they can put them away for Christmas morning. Buy your stamps now so you don't have to worry about those long lines during December. If you are hosting a Christmas party, let your guests know by sending them an invite to determine how many guests you would be catering. Find out also if your guests have special needs, food allergies or preference so that you can prepare ahead.

8.) Start Food Shopping Early

Start stockpiling recipes for your holiday party and also take into account if you have vegan guests coming over so they have enough food to eat. List the ingredients needed and start shopping for the dry ingredients early so you don't have to worry about them on December. Don't hesitate to go on a little extra with your ingredients as stocks are usually low during the holiday and you'll never know if you need more. You can also contact meat shops to see if they are accepting reservations for Christmas. 

9.) Clean and Prepare

Now that you have almost everything sorted out, it's time to prep the place for the party! If you have put up some decorations ahead of time, say late November, then you just need to do a little bit of tweaking. It's time to get your linens out, wash and iron them if necessary and set the dining table a few days in advance before the party. If you have little tots running around the house all the time, you might want to set aside decorations that can easily break. get that extra room ready if you have guests staying at your place for the holiday and stock up extra toiletries and bedding. Clean and prepare kitchen ware that you might need for your party. 

10.) Relax and Don't Stress It Out

Yes holiday preparations can be very stressful but be ahead of the game so that you can take it easy and relax. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you think that it's impossible to handle everything on your own. Assign tasks to family members to keep them involved in the upcoming festivities and take some time off from planning. Most importantly enjoy every moment of the holiday with friends and family. 

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