Top 10 Popular Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Kids

Every parent wants to make sure their little one has a party to remember! Choosing the right party theme gives you a great chance of making that happen. Each child is different and themes vary depending on a number of factors such as age, gender, trends and even what all their friends are in to. 

Here are some party theme ideas to help you:

1. Princess & Superhero Party Theme

Children love dressing up and pretending to be their favourite fictional character. It gives children the opportunity to express themselves and choose who they want to be for the day. Pretty princesses and brave superheroes can be a great theme for a mixed kids birthday parties when boys and girls are invited or even for a joint birthday party!

2. Outer Space Party Theme

Is your child fascinated by outer space? Is yes, then choosing an outer space party theme for your child can be a great way for them to share this fascination with their friends. Theres so much to learn and even for us adults its an interesting subject.

3. Mermaid & Pirate Party Theme

Another great theme for either joint parties or parties where boys and girls are invited! Similar to the princess and superhero party theme, children are able to dress up and express themselves.

4. Emoji Party Theme

The Emoji theme is becoming more and more popular especially with older children. Technology is growing everyday and the Emoji theme is growing with it. From the movie to children having mobile phones, its everywhere! If you child is a part of the Emoji trend then this theme could be great fun.

5. Monster Party Theme

Monster parties have been around for a long time, especially for boys. A scary monster birthday bash could be the perfect theme for your little one. Let the children's imagination run wild by inviting all the guests to dress up as a scary monster!

6. Unicorn Party Theme

Over the last couple of years, the unicorn theme has becoming extremely popular for both children and even adults. All the shops are filled with unicorn goodies so this theme wont be too difficult to find accessories. 

7. Football Party Theme

These days your child either loves football or just isn't too interested. Kids that love it are usually football crazy therefore choosing this theme is quite easy. All the guests could dress up in their favourite football team kit and you could even get a game of football in the party too!

8. Spa Party Theme

More for girls but could be both boys and girls. Girls love being pampered so choosing a spa party theme could be a lovely gesture to make sure everyone at the party feels special.

9. Dinosaur Party Theme

Does you child love dinosaurs? Dinosaurs were a large part of our world once upon a time and its lovely when children take an interest in this part of history. A great theme for all those children who want a roar-some time!

10. Art Party Theme

A theme for the arty children, most kids love arts and craft but for the children who have a passion for it, an arty theme might just be the one! You can either choose to hosts an art party at home or there are many places that host great arts and crafts parties, usually the children are able to take take home their masterpiece which is a nice touch too.

These themes are just a glimpse of ideas and there are 100s of themes to choose from but hopefully this has given you some good ideas to make you children's birthday party special.

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