Top 10 Themed Birthday Ideas For Kids Party

Your little one’s birthday is just around the corner and you want to give your kid a birthday bash to remember. If you haven’t thought yet of some cool ideas to make your kid’s party memorable then we have compiled some for you.

Princess and Superhero Party Theme
Kids love to play pretend so why not give them the opportunity to be the superhero or princes that they want to be on your kid’s birthday? If possible, have your guests dress as a superhero and Princess and set up a photo booth where they can have their pictures taken. A few card board boxes made into a castle, some superhero mask and a number of DIY photo booth props will do the trick.
You can get creative with your food bar and display foods for your guests that don’t require super powers to make. It could be as simple as rock candies in blue and pink, some apple candies, or blue and pink cupcakes with superhero and princess toppers.
Perk up the kids’ excitement by setting up a station for games and activities where the girls get to make their own glittery crown and boys get to have their face painted with their favourite superhero mask.

Lastly, send off your guests with a thank you cards and some cool party favours!


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Outer Space theme Birthday Party

Planning an out of this world party? Go for an Outer Space themed birthday party! Glow in the dark stickers, paper lantern and who would have thought that even your old cd can create a stunning galaxy ambiance under your roof?

A DIY cardboard rocket ship and a jetpack along with alien doodle eyes props could be a fun photo op that will sure get the kids brimming with excitement in
front of the camera.

Once the kids has settled you can start some fun games or even make moon rocks and flubber as an activity.

Of course astronauts also need to eat! Add a touch of galactic goodness to your food bar with goodies such as moon rock cookies, and you also might want to try this cornflake meteorite candies, some Jell-O jigglers cut into stars, moons and planets, milky way milkshakes or why not some real astronaut food?

When the party’s over your guest will sure have an out of the world experience! Send them off with a thank you card and some of the moon rock cookies wrapped in a cellophane with a DIY astronaut badge as a party favour.

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Mermaid and Pirate parties
A Mermaid and Pirate party is a fun way to celebrate two gender birthdays at the same time. Get the kids in character as they dress up in either a mermaid or a pirate- a felt tail and crown or the girls and diy eye patch and a pirate hat for the boys!
Perk up the kids’ excitement with a treasure hunt game that will sure send them scrambling looking for a hidden treasure chest with loads of goodies, beaded necklace, jewel rings and a pirate’s booty!

We want to be a part of your kid's special day!
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Emoji party theme 
The popularity of social media gave birth to emoji’s and now they’re everywhere!
Don’t stress yourself out if your kid asked for an emoji’s theme birthday party because they’re a no brainer to prepare!

Looking for some awesome decorations? A DIY emoji paper lantern will do the trick. Just add some printable facial features to yellow paper lanterns.
Who thought emoji poop marshmallows could be appetising? Treat your guests with these emoji Oreo pops that will sure have them flashing heart eyes!

Create this incredible emoji photo booth backdrop that’s made from paper plate with emoji facial features. And some DIY emoji props to go with it .

Send off your guest with this Emoji box filled with goodies as a party favor.
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Give your kid a stompin’ good time by throwing a monster themed birthday party!
Draw monster foot prints leading up to your door using sidewalk chalk. Want to create that spooky monster atmosphere? You can play a spooky music on the background and you can rent or borrow a fog machine taking the fun and spookiness to another level! This Monster chair and eyeball chandelier are also good ideas.
Thinking of a fun activity for the little ones? Little guests will sure enjoy turning these plastic eggs into cute little monsters, with some glue, googly eyes and craft paint, the finished monster eggs could also be a great party favours that you can fill with candies and goodies.
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Sprinkle a little bit of magic on your little girl’s birthday with a unicorn themed party. Have your little guests wear this DIY Unicorn Headband that’s also great for photo op props.

Get your guests excited and let them know they are in for a magical treat with our Unicorn Themed Invites and Thank You Cards !
Looking for some unique DIY decorations? You might want to consider this DIY unicorn dream catcher .

Add some magical twist to your popcorn with this unicorn popcorn recipe

And surely, your guests would be over the moon with these DIY unicorn party bags that you can fill with goodies.



For someone who loves soccer, there can be no better idea than throwing a soccer themed birthday party and eating sweet treats with friends!

For a fun activity, you can have your guests decorate some white soccer balls with a variety of coloured permanent markers which can be used later for a fun soccer game and soemthing the kids can take home as a gift.

This DIY soccer ball paper lantern makes a cool decoration for the party’s theme.

These Chocolate-Dipped Soccer Themed Pretzel Sticks makes a perfect soccer-themed snack for everyone!

And these DIY Soccer Beaded Bracelet Party Favours is sure a great way to wrap the party up!

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Even little princess deserves some pamper time so treat your little girl and her girlfriends on a Spa Themed Birthday Part they will surely enjoy.

When choosing your party decors, go for a palette of pastel colours as it sets a clean and relaxing mood. Baloons, streamers, hanging decors and confetti also adds to the celebratory nature of the event.
Choosing easy to eat finger food snaps is ideal when you’re hosting a spa party for your little kids so no one has to stop pamper time to eat treats that require fork or spoon. Go for easy to eat finger foods such as shaped up sandwiches and cookies, some marshmallow pops and pure lemonade for drinks.
Set up Several beauty stations so that other girls don’t have to wait in line for their turn to be pampered. You could set up a nail salon station where girls can have their nails done, a station where they can try out a new hairdo or a station where they can make their own face mask. Another fun DIY activity also includes making bath salt and bath bombs.
Get your kid’s birthday roaring with a Dinosaur theme Party!

Spark the excitement with an invite that will sure go with the theme! Check out this link

Add these dinosaur footprints to get the little tots excited as they enter the party.
Want to serve a healthy snack for your guests? Serve up this Dinosaur Watermelon Fruit Bowl that will make the kids go wild!

Liven up the celebration with a dinosaur egg hunt to keep the kids entertained. You can use plastic eggs and decorate them with permanent marker so they look more like a dinosaur eggs. Add a little twist by burying the egg and tell the kids that they have to do a dino dig to find get them.

Looking for a unique party favour to go with the theme? How about this cute  Adopt a Dinosaur Party Favour Idea? Surely the kids would love to take home one of these!
If you have an artsy child then an Art Themed birthday party would be perfect!
Looking for some cool hanging decors? How about some hanging paint brush?
These Paint brush cake pops is a very clever idea and these colourful liqourice made to look like a paint coming out of the paint can along with the art easel party cookies is just pure genius!
 As for some fun activities, you can set up stations to keep the excitement going and the kids entertained. Set up a station where they do some paintings,  drawing, play with clay dough and do some collage.

If you are looking for invitation cards, thank you cards and announcement cards then check out this link which will sure give you a variety of card designs that will match your party's theme!

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